ShoeMoney What is it all about ? Review

Shoemoney itself is very catchy name and I thought it was so bad that it was genius.

To my shock the whole platform was very impressive and simple. A step by step guide that makes the learning process clear, easy to understand and fun to complete.

I have seen millionaire Jeremy Shoemaker for a while and maybe the second time i came across his video I decided to join and follow the so called black belt system

belt system
ShoeMoney What is it all about ? Review

Its claimed this be free and offered to pay me for accomplish tasks. so you teach me and pay me for it. Now it gets more interesting and  I signed up. I was curious to see what was this all about.

The steps are as it says. Qualify by completing tasks and when completed you get paid each belt up the way to black.

How to get domain,

How to get started

How to install the right plugins and important plugins

How to set up your subscribers, feeds, emailing, ect

How to monetize your site

How to make posts

How to edit themes

pretty much all the crucial elements to start a great new website.

I was mostly impressed by the easy steps to follow guide that I feel can truly help many get started with their online business.

They Pay you along the way and that is amazing in itself.


Click here to register.

The one time you actually spend money is when you purchase your domain name. that cost can vary depending on your selections.

Purchasing a domain is crucial to starting your online business/blog/ect. You need a web domain and hosting if you wish to truly expand your online business.

Having a email service ( get response ) is crucial as well to keep up with subscribers who are potential clients/customers to your business.

I have done many sites, worked on various blogs and commercial projects. To me it’s always important to check the product or service to give an honest review about it.  There are millions of people out there who WISH they can partake in the online world, yet it seems the learning process is difficult and they can’t bear to put time or all the effort.

Now shoe money made it so easy, it’s ridiculous how brilliant it is and anyone can do it.  The learning process is about completing tasks, master each belt and receive money from shoe money when you complete it.  Upon completing all the task, which was quite easy to follow and understand. People can have a fully functioning, simple and user friendly websites.

If you seem skeptical give it a try it and when you make your first dollar in five minutes you will be as hooked as me. I just want to say thank you Jeremy.

belt system shoe moneyI would recommend this for everyone of all ages. If you can login to Facebook or any social media and be able to post, like, comment, share, ect. You can certainly start your own website online.