Social Cash Robot Honest Review

Social Cash Robot Honest Review

Social Cash Robot honest review will cover what is this opportunity about and how it all supposed to work out in your favor or not.

The first common thing you notice about them is the hype is real, as always. These companies need to sell you dreams and visions to convince you this is it, they cant get into the exact details of the scam and how it really works against people.

What is social cash robot ?

Another adshare company with promises to help you build, with potential to make millions and all you have to do is click some ads and purchase adshares.

Basically clicking on ads everyday to earn little cash in  return,

Main way to earn with Social Cash Robot

main way to make any real earnings is thru recruiting and more recruiting and more recruiting.  If you want to earn big bucks, then you will have to risk big bucks from your end. Purchasing ad-shares and hoping you get in early enough to win on the gamble.

  • Social Cash Robot does not offer any products.
  • Social Cash Robot uses advertising as a form of product.

Is there any robotics to it ? yes, you are the robot handing money over to them so you can click ads and purchase shares.

How and how much will you make with referrals ?

They make it easy to spam your referral link to social media sites, again you are the robot.

If your referral purchases adshare $49 dollars. You get 10%.  Now members get desperate to make sure they have LOTS of REFERRALS ( new robots )

Penny Clicks

Want to make even less money with them ? this is the program for you

Share Revenue sites are scams that are not worth your time

Revenue Sharing programs or sites come and go, I know many people who push them with the false vision of “yes this is it attitude” but they are not and are only going to collapse sooner or later.

Did a review about Empowr, this platform says its a democratic social platform that is going to help their members make great deal of incomes. Read the full review here

Biggest problem with these scams is it all false apart when people stop investing money into it. Then earlier members who already invested time and money into it, are not going to reinvest more into it.  After it collapses, next day 2 new ones pop up. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PROGRAMS

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