Survey Voices Review : is it a scam or legit ?

Survey Voices Review : is it a scam or legit ?

Survey Voice Review : is it a scam or legit ? This review will tell you what is survey voice and what do they offer their members.
Good thing you are reading this before you signed up.

Survey Voices Review : is it a scam or legit ?What is Survey Voice about?

it’s basically a site that features other survey sites. Some Paying sites and some known scams. It’s basically a referral center for domain host for various survey sites.
Not being responsible of the sites makes it worst in my opinion. if they focused on the good paying sites, it still would be a referral center but with good paying sites.

They Claim you will make 300 today

it’s not possible to make that much money with them on the day. Not even close. Rather you would invest much time into joining various survey sites and get paid maybe 3 dollars.
Personally, I don’t like survey sites because came across many scams early on and overall didn’t think it was worth the time I put in it.

Is Survey Voice a scam ?

Yes, since you don’t make money with them, nor do they pay you but claim you will make 300 dollars a day with them. Factually though, you join and sign up to programs and give them referral commissions for such sign ups. They make more money then you do.

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Identifying Scam Sites

A good article about this is found On Survey Police and they covered the important factors before joining any site in general or survey sites.
The list compiled addresses

  • Looking for Company Information
  • Looking for Privacy Policy
  • Big promises and email collecting forms

They are dedicated to survey sites and survey industry. Check out their full review here

Final Thoughts

I would recommend survey sites for people who enjoy doing surveys. If you wish to do it to make a healthy income then it’s not as easy, but can make you some income for sure.

It’s important for beginners to start correctly and that’s why It’s important to start with a solid foundation – Read here on what the first step should be . In my opinion time is very important and investing is just as important. if you want to make money from home or online. First thing is learn what is real money and what is paper money.

Invest your time in something with greater returns. subscribe and share this review with others.