The Best Thing to Become Better

The Best Thing to Become Better

In my opinion that was the time when much cloudiness I had in my life began to clear up and I started to see a vision that was far greater then myself. In a weird way, I instantly changed in the delivery room when I held my first child, From that point on I knew that things are going to get different and I had to step up my efforts for this precious life and gift that came into my life.

I was an entrepreneur before I became a parent and that was very important to me as I always wanted to be financially secure before I have any children, and even though I wasn’t financially secure when I had my first child, things got much better financially after that.


Things started coming together from places I didn’t expect and as the pieces were coming together, we Got blessed with a second child. I loved it. The fact is I wouldn’t mind adopting children for they are the best investment on earth, in my opinion.

Can you imagine all the great good we can help shape the next generations to come to be less greedy and more of problem solvers, rather then just new plugs in a broken system. What is more precious then gold and all the diamonds cannot replace ? one life. How precious and priceless it truly is, if people only knew.

The Best Thing to Become Better was becoming a parent because it got me focused on wanting to become a better person as a serious step in my life, not only for myself but for my children and the world that we are creating for them.  Can we at least try to make it a better place ?

foolish thinking for better

The placebo effect works in mysterious ways, thinking better about life, others, optimism overall will develop our inner strength and in a mysterious way it works.

This is not scientifically backed, well at least not that I’m aware of. Now I know many parents can relate to me on this subject, many of us prepare ahead of time for that previous moment to find out we are going to be a new parent, that a new child is coming to your life, a child that can change the world one day.

How powerful are you and your potential ? the sky is the limit, believe me I’m a dad who never thought I would aim so high in life, until I was blessed with two amazing creations that are priceless. When we value our children , we can value others and our-self.

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