The Island Town of Giethoorn, Holland

The Island Town of Giethoorn, Holland

The island town of Giethoorn, Holland which is also known as the Venice of the north, or Venice of the Netherlands is mostly a car-free town with each home encircled with water canals. It was founded in the 1200’s and has kept to its traditional means of canal ways and boat transportation.

Street-less and Don’t Care

This unique town is connected with a few roads and bridges. it is echo friendly and traditional in much of the sense. Biking, boating, natural life is highlighted in their community.
Almost nobody can avoid moderation, but to hold on to beautiful things of the past is important.

Noiseless and Peaceful

Beside the sounds of nature, don’t expect much noise from the normal day to day city or more industrial towns. Water is life and some don’t value it life they do in Gienthoorn.

With out cars all over the place people have to move slower pace which can reconnect people and has its own sense of serenity.  Patience is a virtue isn’t that correct ?

Rivers and Gardens

That is what you will visually see with your eyes and in the mildest of those are homes and a community of people coexisting with nature.

Thats why so many people love it and I’m writing this article about it to share the idea with others. Water is life in much of the sense. Each cell in our body is about 70% water, so yes water is crucial to humanity.

Read about the struggles of native Americans trying to keep water on their lands.

Watch Video

You can see the beauty in their town. The people have put effort to take care of it and reading various reviews it’s a really hot tourist attraction.

Certainly will be adding to my list to must visit in near future, would love to actually design my property like that, even add a waterfall.

Humans are smart enough to do that, that is why it says “we are created in God’s image” Not because God looks like us, but we can create things and even have nature serve us as we serve it.

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