The Power Ball Lotto’s Is it a Scam ? Doing the math one has to agree it is

The Power Ball Lotto’s Is it a Scam ? Doing the math one has to agree it is .  On my way to get something from the local store. People were lined up with hopes n dreams to hit the big lotto which was estimated at a time to being 1.5 Billion dollars.  Yes that is Billion with a B.

Who wouldn’t want a Billion dollars ? With 90% of the people living in poverty and check to check, some financial comfort would certainly bring much relief to their stressed minds and bodies.

Well why was is able to reach such high numbers to begin with ?  Watch this video

So First as you can clearly see that the new rules make it harder to win the Big Prize and thus allowing the numbers to grow and grow.

The rules change is intended to increase the odds of winning any prize, while making it more difficult to win the jackpot prize. – New York Gaming Commission, explaining how they produced a billion-dollar Powerball jackpot

Why even play lotto ? if you have some extra money then give it o someone in need of it, get a homeless person something to eat. That would be better then to give it to chance at winning when the odds are all against you. I personally play one ticket max. Did i purchase a ticket for the power ball ? Yes. I can afford to buy a whole lot more. saw many stories of people investing all their savings for that chance to win. So many people lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

The power ball is a scam and lotto is a scam if you are going to invest all your money into it. Take a chance in lotto, but get involved in business.

Why investing in a Business or businesses is far better then the lotto rout.

For one you become a business owner, doesn’t that alone make you feel empowered ? I know every time you scratch and lose on them scratch offs, you feel like you just wasted 50 bucks. With that 50 bucks you can invest it in many ways online to turn them into income, no luck needed.

The power of becoming a business owner or associate is the fact you earn more money based on your performance, you sell more then you make more money.

Since I got into home based businesses I never looked back and love the fact i can help people make money from the comfort of their home. I do it everyday.

I’m literally running multiple businesses from travel, to energy supplements, team building, networking, training and other things that I look into when I’m free.

Having a business or businesses frees us from the per hour earning limit, to the unlimited potential of earnings per job, task, deal, sold products or services. All mostly from comfort of your own home, using an average laptop or tablet, even a smart phone.

That is the great potential we have with the internet is the freedom to connect with like minded people, build relationships and work together to prosper together.

*My Advice is to spend cautiously when it comes to lottery and business, you have better chance at success thou with starting a business.

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