Top 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Marketing

Top 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Marketing

Top 3 Mistakes entrepreneurs make when marketing. When we join a new business opportunity, though excited many entrepreneurs  jump with out any real game plan, or they have a game plan and ignore it and jump to marketing and literally go after everybody they can reach.

That does not turn out so well with results, almost always.

Therefor it’s very noticeable among so many marketers trying to go after every possible prospect. Top 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Marketing

What are the Top 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Marketing

1- They are not targeting the right people, even though many will say ” you never know who will join ” and that is true. Simply though it’s be proven and shown that most people who are not familiar with the online industry, don’t like to feel pushed, rushed into things.  Don’t waste your time spending money on countless methods to bring in traffic, the type of traffic you bring is far more important.

Thus it’s more effective to attract people to your lifestyle and have them come to you. We all have to market and purchase services, don’t over do it and go into debt because of it. It happens with some who vision blinds them and costs them big time.

2- Not Branding themselves as you also see again and again, it’s one person who jumps network to network and has a long history of moving around and most people won’t join a person like that, simply because they can’t trust someone posting about one company for a month, then all of a sudden this one is the next best thing, ect.

That approach wont get you any where. Instead, work on yourself more and what you post, share value with people and then they will begin to appreciate you more and if you do speak about work, do so in messages and do it professionally.