TrafficWave Review Scam or Legit

TrafficWave Review Scam or Legit

TrafficWave Review Scam or Legit ? What is trafficwave about and how long has it been established in business ?  For starters then have been established for over 10 years and that is always a good sign.

This shows that they must have a strong product and affiliate base of consistent customers.  Their products are good and affiliate program as well appeals to many people.

TrafficWave Products

  • Autoresponder
  • Contact manager and
  • Email campaign marketing

Having an autoresponder  is essential and crucial to building your business online and offline. What it does is reach out to new subscribers or potential clients.  You have that ability with trafficwave

Trafficwave comes with training as well to help new members start their marketing campaigns. Not so much training on recruiting ( which is positive in my opinion )

How Much does it Cost ?

The service comes with a 30day free trial. This gives users plenty of time to learn and apply and start working. After the 30 days then it will cost you $17.95 per month.

How do you make money with trafficwave ?

This is a very important part for many interested in traffic wave and it’s important to point out the most obvious and that is it’s structure and commissions paid on multi levels.


Affiliate Programs is a set up 3×10 matrix which build like this

  1. First level –         3
  2. Second level –   9
  3. Third level –      27
  4. Fourth level –   81
  5. Fifth level –       243
  6. Sixth level –      729
  7. Seventh level – 2187
  8. Eighth level –    6561
  9. Ninth Level –  19683
  10. Tenth level –   59049

Totaling – 88572 (  Potential members in full Matrix )

Earning Potentials

  • Surfer – Active member who has one personal referral. They Can earn from the first three levels in matrix – Earning potential $45
  • TidalWave – Active member who has five personal referrals. They can earn from the first five levels in matrix – Earning potential $216
  • Tsunami – Active member who has 10 active personal referrals. They can earn from entire 3×10 matrix – Earning potential $88’587

I know you are ready to sign up right now, but not so fast because that is always an amazing theory, unless you can build really good and have amazing people helping you, then these numbers are just imagination.

*I can see lots of people being stuck in between tidalwave and tsunami levels

Here is something better in my opinion and will help people start earning much faster with out worrying about being active members, nore how their matrix is set up.