Trump Visits President Of Mexico and is Very Pleased

Trump Visits President Of Mexico and is Very Pleased

Trump Visits President Of Mexico and is Very Pleased : The republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, has for sometime caught the attention of media for many things and one in particular is the promise to build a “Yuuge Wall and Have Mexico Pay for it, Believe me ”

Along with calling them names and claiming some are decent people, he actually goes there and meets the president of Mexico ‘Enrique Peña Nieto

The meeting lasted about an hour and then they made a joint statements, both president basically spoke about the importance of relations between USA and Mexico, as well how the focus is to help people by improving trade packs and immigration.

Donald Trump to many surprise didn’t address the wall situation and who will pay for it, ect, ect. He simply brushed it off saying ‘ will talk about that later”

Trump did though praise the Mexican people for being hard working and ethical people who are separate from the cartel drug pushers.

NAFTA was also mentioned which Donald trump wants to update it so it can help Mexico and USA benefits. Got to hand it to him, he handled it really well.

I do give him points for finishing strong with talk about mutual respect, honesty and working to benefit both nations.

I know many dislike Trump, but Hillary is worst with her already planned ideas for more regime changes as well interventions.

If trump believes he can improve things, then it’s time to take him serious or else vote third party.  We have Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Running for third Party.

Make your voice clear, November is around the corner and I sincerely believe that nobody should vote for Hillary Clinton and everyone should look for anyone else, even if it’s trump.