Combat Fear With Important Reminder Thru advertising

Combat Fear With Important Reminder Thru Commerce

What is the best way to combat fear, ignorance and hate ? To give people important reminder that they have much more in-common with each other than they differ on. The growing media hype over terrorism and not so much it’s roots leads many people into fear and not so much efforts to combat roots of conflicts.

People will be people and if we are constantly exposed to negative and fear, we become negative and fearful.
It will come down to each person to make sure some good in done on day-to-day basis.  Combat Fear With Important Reminder

Be the change you want to see in the world

Two Old friends Meet For a Cup of Tea and Discover They Share a Problem

With the growing media hype over terrorism and not so much it’s roots, many people are being misled into fear.
I came across an inspirational life lesson for millions of people. an important reminder to all of us.

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In an era of division and disharmony, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is proud to have worked with Amazon, along with other faith-based organizations, on its ad for Amazon Prime. This ad goes beyond its objective of selling a product and highlights true friendship and caring, despite religious and racial backgrounds. Read More from Source.

Being raised in middle east I can also say that I witnessed far better relationships there among Muslims and Christians. Coming to America it was hard for me to understand things, until i grew up and realized its the systematic use of racism which dilutes everything. Politics as well has its own gains from people’s divisions. fear now a days is a tactic being used to pass bills and strip people freedoms.

Some people would argue that people thru many programs are being under psychological warfare that targets emotions in the wrong way, to install fear in minds which creates doubts and lack of self-confidence.

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Sharing this important message will help people remember that they are all people after all. Peoples relationships that have been built for ages and centuries. These relationships are being attacked by the fear mongering media.
This is why more people should share the good things in life, their friendships, relationships, their joys and pains.

People need to value each other the way they want to be valued. Even though the video was a commercial, the message is brilliant.

Much respect to all those who partook in this effort of bringing some good to the global audiences.