Use Photography To Your Advantage

Life through your eyes cannot be seen by anyone else except thru photography. So many times I know people said ” wow, if only I had a camera ” That was when I was younger and today Grandma is taking selfies and chatting on social media. Times change fast.

With this charge of access to technology, now you can share so many priceless memories online with others who share your views on life. A trip to a destination can be lived again through memory, or even imagination and many people are making money from sharing priceless moments, to what they just cooked, or what they are about to eat.

Are you utilizing on this method ? I know it’s not for everyone and I should focus more on it because its something genuine and real. This small truth to it can be preserved or abused.  In our day though there seems to be an audience for just about anything with natures beauty

I have met very interesting people in life and many who wouldn’t join in networking industry. Some even talked about how they get paid to take pictures all the time.