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Walmart Fraud Check Scam Alert

What happened was a woman received a check from Walmart and this check was around 1800 dollars, she gets super excited as she is reading the letter which says the money is for her to shop at a Walmart and then later on to go and fill in her experience info. Like a secret shopper or a paid surveyor

The woman being extra careful and decided to message her daughter and get a second opinion, her daughter told her to make sure it wasn’t a scam, which made the mother do a lil digging and sure enough, she found out it was a scam. What is bothering is the fact the scammers make the check look so legitimate that even the signature of the real vice president of finance and treasurer
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She took it to Walmart corporate offices and they acknowledge that indeed it was a scam. Walmart said they don’t use mystery shoppers and would never socialite people through email or mail for such a position.

Walmart issues a statement in it it said

“Walmart does not sell or rent personal information from our customers. Unfortunately, people occasionally take advantage of our brand to perpetrate these types of scams.

Video of the Scam reported on WSAZ

Ive come across many so called mystery shopper programs and have yet to find one that was real good. I felt most are simply fooling people and don’t pay as they promise before you sign up. It has potential for those who like doing those things, but again I personally felt it was a time waste.

Scammers really are stepping up their efforts to steal peoples money. Whatever way they get caught, they find new ways. Such shameful acts and down right cruel. In a world where people are barely getting by and living check to check. How can people attempt to steal from broke people, people with a few dollars scraping and getting by ? I have no respect for such people.

Scams are not limited to such tactics as trying to steal peoples bank info, many so called companies out there always popping up in the online business industry. This is why it’s important to get in with the right legit companies and make sure your investment is secure, and profitable. Some companies offer products and services, so it’s always important to do a proper search before joining a company, or search their product or service to see what others have experienced with such n such.

Before joining a company or opportunity it’s important to not jump on it due to amazing sales pitches that always want you to buy on the spot, most will say much to convince you that you are making the right decisions. Psychological methods, word play even and much is put to have you expose your credit card info, or your banking info or other means to steal your money.

Advice is –

  1. Get a second or third opinion.
  2. Do a thorough search online and read a few reviews. ( be it positive or negative ).
  3. Contact company and ask a question about anything. ( to see their response time ) .
  4. Once you feel you did your home work and want to join the company, or purchase a product then go for it with confidence.

I really hope you got value from this post and to share it with people so you can alert them about this particular scam and how to avoid it.

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Hope everything great with you and scam free

Chamel Awari