Wealth Start Business Review

Wealth Start Business Review

Wealth Start Business ReviewWealth Start Business Review : This new business opportunity is supposed to help you make money by watching ads. 15 minutes a day is supposed to bring you back good income.

The site is registered for over six years and is based out of Germany. And is ranked high in Russia and Germany.


The man behind it named Turan Uzunsokakli who has been involved in previous scams like 12 week millionaire, magic seven.

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Their Products

They don’t have any products or services. The scheme promotes that you only watch 15 minutes videos per day and that will lead you to make hundreds of dollars per month. If you count suckering others to this scam a product then sure that is their product.

Breakdown of wealth start business review

The idea of earning from watching videos is to get you to give your email and info. Once you are in then you realize that earning money comes from referring other people.

The 5×4 matrix to be filled by you and your team members and doing the math certainly doesn’t get you millions..

if you filled in every single position in your downline, you can max out in earnings at about 5000 dollars. Where do they get millions from ? just hype for your email info.

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With the claims they are making and math not adding up. This cannot be anything less than another scam, so avoid at all costs and warn others about it.

Many sites come around like this and it’s important to keep your eyes open and stay sharp. You must look for exaggerated claims and so-called launch dates, which will never launch.

Final Thoughts

The sites will typically be designed to look professional, sites that have long domain history does not mean they been operating for that long.
Many scammers register websites to give them history before they start promoting their scam.

Stay aware from such tactics. Always look and search as much as you can and if you have to join and study their plot.
Never refer people unless you are 100% certain the company is legit and offering valuable product or service.

It’s important to discuss these things because I don’t want people to lose their time and money. Get in with someone who you know is in the business and works with various companies that are legit.

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