Wrap Your Car Scam – Watch out

Wrap Your Car Scam

Wrap your car scam is something new and certainly creative least to say. Scammers are getting more creative in their methods, that anyway they can get you to give up money is open game for them.

The scheme is you are supposed to wrap your car in advertisement of a company and that’s all. just drive around as normal and get paid for it. Sounds great and easy ? Not so fast though, there is much more to tell.

How does wrap your car scam work ?

Many people who are looking for ways to earn money will come across an ad saying ” Get paid to advertise for ( insert major company name ) and get paid good money for it “.

The point in to get your attention quick and they use a brand name to give themselves a legitimate look.

Once you contact them, they send you a check which is more then required.
They then request you deposit the money, keep your portion and then wire transfer remaining money to company that will do the wrap job.
As you wait patiently to be contacted about the job, by the wrap company and weeks go by and nothing happens.