ZarFund Review – Legit or Scam ?

ZarFund Review – Legit or Scam ?

We have a new company now that does not sell any product or service, but basis its earning, growth and profits on new members coming in.

A member can be with them simply paying their upline with out getting any product, or service for their payments.

This clearly screams SCAM

There isn’t much info about ownership  of the company and website registration is set to private.  So that is also very shady

How do you make money with them ?

Affiliates supposedly GIFT bitcoin to other affiliated recruited them to company, so only way any new affiliate can ever make money is by recruiting new members to GIFT them money as well.

They have a 2x5matrix system,  is a two leg system that spits under  to technically getting 5 levels deep filling in 62 positions.

There is no real sense to explain the exact details on how their matrix pays out since I mentioned early in the post how scammish this company is.

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Warning signs of any new network you might want to join

1- no product

2- no service

99.9% of the time is a Scam

Membership with Zarfund required members to pay out the GIFT to their recruiter and only way affiliates can make money is with recruiting to others to GIFT them money.

What will happen ?